Build Your Own MRE Variety Case - MRE Nation

Build Your Own MRE Case! Select 12 MRE Nation MREs from over 50+ menus. Bonus! ALL Build your own Cases come with a FREE Bonus Pack!

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Build your own MRE Case!  Select from over 50 freshly made MRE Nation MREs.  MRE Nation's MRE contain between 1600+ cal (more than the normal US Military menus) and come with a Entree, Snack, Dessert, Accessory kit, Flame-less Ration Heater (as required) and MRE Nation's Standard Packs which adds spreads, energy bars and more.  All sealed in our MRE Nation mil-spec bags.  Each MRE Case gets a free MRE Nation Bonus Pack which contains:

Tooth Paste

Tooth brush

2 Peanut Butters spreads

Sweetened Condensed Milk

True Lime

True Lemon