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MRE Menu 6 Vegan - Spicy Vegetarian Chili / Rice / Pears / Oatmeal cookies

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MRE Menu 6 Vegan MRE Nation's MRE contains 1775 cal (more than the normal US Military menus) and comes with a Entree, Side, Snack, Spread, Dessert, Accessory kit, Ration Heater (as req) and MRE Nation's Standard Pack adding crackers, spreads, drink mix and beverage bag:

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

White Rice

Pears in Sauce

Oatmeal Cookies


Cheese Spread w/ Jalapenos

Ration Heater

Standard Pack (570 cal): Crackers, Peanut butter, Grape jelly, Drink mix, Hot beverage bag

Accessory Kit (75 cal): Spoon, Tissues, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Smartees, Hard Candy.

Be advised:  Substitutions for a item may occur if required.